5 On-Page SEO Techniques for 2016

Are you looking for modern ways to get your website ranking well in search engines, without falling on Google’s blacklist? It’s no secret that ranking techniques in 2016 have changed significantly, with emphasis placed on new factors and penalties for others. Understanding current ranking factors, and implementing new techniques are essential to ranking sites in today’s search engine market.

  1. Social Media & Social Proof
  2. Social media is an increasingly important part of on-site optimization. This includes integrating social functions into the site itself, with like buttons, share, tweet and pin options for images. The number of likes, shares, and other social media functions is called social proof – and is an essential part of on-site SEO in 2016.

    Creating social media pages for your site, and encouraging shares and likes is a good idea. This can be done by offering free content in exchange for a like, or some other incentive. Of course, if you provide interesting and unique content, then the likes and shares will come as a given.

  3. Mobile Friendly Design and Development
  4. Mobile friendly design and development are now an essential part of on-site SEO and ranking well in search engines. Recent studies have found that over 50% of users access websites via mobile devices, and in early 2015 Google’s algorithm update added provisions that penalize websites that aren’t social media friendly. On-site SEO in 2016 requires media friendly, responsive design, and it is a vital part of search engine ranking.

  5. Content is Still King – Unique, Quality Content
  6. Unique, high-quality content is essential to ranking in today’s online world, and as new emphasis is placed on content being truly unique. New algorithm updates can identify synonyms and identify spun content. It’s important to make sure your content offers real value to the user and is unique, informative, and concise.

  7. Add Videos Whenever Possible
  8. Videos still rule content wise, and having videos embedded on your site can help sites rise in the ranks. Users love video, and integrating youtube videos, or HTML videos is an excellent way to help users stay on your pages longer, and thus show Google that you are offering real quality content. Of course, this isn’t always possible, but, if you can, create and use videos liberally on your site for added onsite SEO.

  9. Proper Markup and URL Structure
  10. Proper, error-free and well-formatted markup is essential to on-site SEO and still plays a significant role in ranking in 206. This includes ensuring your metadata is present and well thought out, your heading tags are well formatted and contain your keywords, and your content is related to the headings. Metadata, proper keyword density (with variations of the main keyword) and well-formatted headings are essential for climbing the ranks in search engines.

Although SEO has changed a lot over the past few years, many techniques are still proven to work well. Taking the time to integrate social media, add video, and using quality content are all important steps on the road to higher rankings.